David N. Deutsch & Company

ae6 Established in 1993, David N. Deutsch & Company is "the strategic financial advisor of leading closely-held companies," their owners and their boards, providing corporate sale, acquisition, capital raising and strategic advisory services to $20 million - $2 billion sales companies, often sub-$100 million sales niche-leaders in manufacturing, consumer/retail, business services and certain aspects of media and healthcare. Our firm is distinguished by the scope and quality of its advice, long-term relationships, and exceptional results for clients in 130+ assignments.

school We also provide our clients with a variety of pre-transaction services including serving as ongoing Board Advisor and in providing Valuations, Strategic Tune-Ups™, Evaluations of Strategic Financial Alternatives, and Prep-for-Sale services. For additional information about our firm and its work, please visit us at www.dndco.com or call our President, David Deutsch, directly at 212-980-7800 x1.

visit www.dndco.com