Our legendary biennial business-and-broader discussion continues in 2023. As always, we’ll address important issues of business strategy, growth, and exit (for our kind of leading closely-held companies, their owners and Boards) as well as the business of life.

Events & Venues 2023

Thursday Evening Welcome Reception
9 Miles East Farm
(The “farmstand” of Mary & Gordon Sacks’ 29 acre organic farm)

Friday Business Sessions
Saratoga Golf & Polo Club
(Est’d. 1896, Saratoga’s legendary “Little Club”)

Friday Evening Dinner
Business For Good
(North Broadway mansion and courtyard)

Saturday Day at the Races
Saratoga Race Course
(Oldest organized sporting venue in the U.S.)

Conference Schedule 2023

Thursday – August 17

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Travel to Saratoga

3 hours from NYC and Boston, 30 minutes from Albany Airport, and a historic Victorian-small-town world-away from anywhere you’ve been.


4:00pm - 7:00pm

Welcome Reception & Registration

Thursday Welcome Reception at 9 Miles East. We traditionally kickoff The Saratoga Weekend with a local, relaxed “welcome to town.” Nine miles east of Saratoga, you’ll find Mary and Gordon Sacks’ 29 acre little slice of heaven, 9 Miles East Farm. In town, you’ll find their farmstand/cafe featuring, among other things, 9ME’s legendary sourdough pizza (think fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs from the farm). See you at their farmstand for this year’s Welcome Reception, and hear the Sacks on ‘bringing the farm to the people’ and their own tale of closely-held business strategy and growth.

Come as you are.

Friday – August 18

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“Breakfast at
Saratoga Golf & Polo”

Compare pre-session notes with other Campers over omelets, coffee, and the New York Times or Wall Street Journal in Saratoga’s storied Saratoga Golf & Polo Club. Established in 1896, featuring an original Victorian-era golf course, turn-of-the-20th-century tennis facilities (lawn and clay courts), and 1914 Club House, the “Little Club,” as it’s known, is Saratoga’s finest. It’s like coming home — it’s where The Saratoga Weekend began.



“Mayor Kim’s Keys to the City”

Since the beginning of The Saratoga Weekend, Saratoga Springs’ Mayors (both sides of the aisle) have welcomed our guests to the City of Health, History and Horses. We’re honored and thankful to Saratoga’s Mayor, Ron Kim for upholding this tradition. We welcome Mayor Kim as he shares his perspectives on the current-and-future of Saratoga Springs and, as a former Commissioner of Public Safety and Zoning Board Chairman, his thoughts on city planning in general.

Friday a.m. sessions are business casual. 



“Boards Done Right”

Boards matter, more than ever. Not just “because governance” or “ESG” but, importantly, in shaping and resourcing strategic plans, spotting risks, and overseeing/supporting the C-suite. Boards done right bring outside perspective and expertise that address “unknown unknowns.” Better boards accelerate growth and value-creation. How can closely-held companies build and utilize better boards? Hear David Deutsch (veteran investment banker and the original “Board Advisor”) and some of the best board members and CEOs we know in discussing the do’s and don’ts of closely-held company boards.



“Talent Management,
the Old-New Thing”

Nothing’s older than “HR,” and nothing’s newer (and more-important) than “talent management” (hint: it’s not your father’s HR). In recent years, we’ve experienced workplace changes that are nothing short of a new industrial revolution. Manufacturing-process changes in Europe and the U.S (1760-1840) revolutionized how the world works; today’s work-process changes are equally profound. From the Great Resignation, to gig-work, to remote and hybrid work, to the necessity of providing today’s employees with “purpose”… identifying, recruiting, onboarding, training, managing, compensating and retaining talent is paramount. Talk talent with some of the smartest “people” people we know.



Mid-Morning Break



“Out-Sourcing, In-Sourcing,
and the Future of Trade”

Supply chain management and international trade are increasingly complex and problematic. Supply chain issues dictate manufacturing planning, affect consumer behavior, and influence product pricing. First, there was globalization and off-shoring; now, there’s re-nationalization and on-shoring. Where do today’s trade tools and platforms fit in? What about blockchain? And currency values? Ultimately, where does the efficiency of a broad-based, global supply chain meet the more-certain availability of a simpler “on-shored” model? Former Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission, Meredith Broadbent leads the discussion.



“The Krav of Business”

David’s old friend, Dan Shulman, leader of PayPal, swears by the lessons of Krav Maga, the hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces; hear Dan on his podcast “Never Stand Still.” For centuries, students of martial arts have known that such training teaches valuable life lessons. Among them: discipline, respect for others, and development of strength that is most powerful when not used. They’re valuable business lessons as well. Hear David’s Krav Maga instructor, Davide Gristina, founder/leader of Krav Maga New York, on the life-lessons (and a few practical “street” ones) of Krav.



“The Eco-Political Landscape
of 2023/2024”

Politics and economics are linked. You can’t affect (or predict) one without the other. Hear Joan Woodward’s (President of The Travelers Institute) analysis of both. Founding Executive Director of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Institute, Woodward joined Travelers in 2008. Now, a member of Travelers’ Management Committee, Operating Committee, and the Travelers Foundation Board, Joan is one of the most insightful and thought-provoking economic and political commentators out there. As a courtesy to Camp David, she promises to predict exactly who will win the White House in 2024, why, and what will become of the U.S. and global economies. (Of course not, but we’ll learn a lot from the discussion.)




Kickoff your lunch-time break (we packed a lunch for you) with a few wrap-up and pre-dinner comments from host, David Deutsch.




Enjoy a few hours of downtime in Saratoga Springs. Stroll Broadway, visit Congress Park (with one of the nation’s most beautiful restored wooden carousels), and pickup something sweet at Saratoga Candy Company.

Or, explore Saratoga Spa State Park and catch some “rays” at the Victoria pool.

Or, slightly out-of-town, check-out Saratoga Apple (where the Darrow family have been growing apples for 5 generations), or Saratoga Lake, or Saratoga National Historic Park (site of the Battle of Saratoga).

But, return to your hotel room in time to clean-up for this year’s evening at at the North Broadway manse and courtyard of Business For Good!



Business for Good

On Friday evening, we’re planning a special program at a special place: Business For Good at its stately headquarters on Saratoga’s North Broadway. Founded by uber ad executive, Ed Mitzen and his wife Lisa, BFG is about capital-meets-community. Since its 2021 investment in Saratoga’s legendary Hattie’s Restaurant (whose namesake founder, Hattie Mosely Austin, opened her original “Chicken Shack” in 1938 and took-in countless young people), the not-for-profit has invested in 100+ business and community organizations. Hear Ed’s views on community, advertising, and thoroughbred horse racing. Oh, yeah, Ed also co-founded Sackatoga Stables, home of thoroughbred superhorse, “Tiz The Law” (2020 Belmont Stakes and Travers Stakes winner, and Kentucky Derby runner-up).

Ask Ed and Lisa why “Good is Better.”

Friday p.m. dinner is Summer Fancy. 




Informal out-and-about in Saratoga with other guests. Checkout Morrissey’s at the Adelphi. Or, the bar-and-music scene on Caroline Street. Or, The Parting Glass (the oldest continuously run bar & restaurant in Saratoga, complete with Dart Room). “Last Call” in Saratoga was, historically, 4 a.m., but thanks (not thanks?) to a recent town resolution, it’s now 2 a.m. Get some rest before our Day at the Races.

Saturday – August 19

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Breakfast & Explore Saratoga

Sleep-in if you’d like. Breakfast on your own. Grab a bagel and coffee at Uncommon Grounds, or breakfast at Saratoga iconic Compton’s Diner, or spend the morning at Saratoga’s great Farmers Market (opens at 9 a.m.). You can walk (10-15 minutes) to the races from there.

Arrive at Saratoga Race Course by noon.



“Annual Running of 
The Alabama Stakes and
The David N. Deutsch & Co”

The 143rd running of The Alabama Stakes (the longest running stakes race for 3-yr-old fillies in the U.S.) at Saratoga Race Course and the Annual Running of The David N. Deutsch & Company. Our Day at the Races is The Saratoga Weekend’s end-cap.  A great way to say hello again, and goodbye, to those you’ve met at Camp David.  Super seats, clubhouse admission and David’s handicapping tips (he was a pari-mutuel clerk growing up in Saratoga): study the Daily Racing Form or pick the entry with most compelling name.

See you in the Winners Circle with legendary friend of Camp David, Sam the Bugler!!

Dress is racetrack casual (long pants preferred for clubhouse access).



Departure & Travel Home

Travel home after another memorable Saratoga Weekend.

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